Podcast 438: Featuring LUMP, Microdisney and Jon Hopkins

Fresh from the jubilation of England’s World Cup win against Tunisia, Tom, Paul and Ben play some of the finest music tracks, both new and used, that they’ve unearthed in the past month.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. New Order “World In Motion” [Singles]
  2. Felix Holt & The Radicals “Buffalo 66” [The Next Big Nobody]
  3. Those Unfortunates “Hornsey Automatic FC” [Two Songs About Football]
  4. Lucy Decus “Night Shift” [Historian]
  5. Microdisney “Birthday Girl” [The Clock Comes Down The Stairs]
  6. Arctic Monkeys “Four Out Of Five” [Tranquility Bass Hotel & Casino]
  7. Davide Tidoni “Soli Al Bar” [Get Some Chalk On Your Boots]
  8. Jon Hopkins “Emerald Rush” [Singularity]
  9. Drew Milloy & Matt Allwright “Brothers In Arms” [Edit Radio Dire Straits Cover Version Challenge]
  10. Croftwerk “die Sultane der Schaukel” [Edit Radio Dire Straits Cover Version Challenge]
  11. LUMP “Hand Hold Hero” [LUMP EP]

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