Podcast 428: Featuring Speedy Ortiz, Remember Sports and Courtney Barnett

On this week’s podcast, punk-folk hero Ben Marwood takes time out of his current UK tour, to share his favourite new music he’s heard over the past month!

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Jamie Lenman “Body Popping (automatic edit)” [Devolver] 
  2. Remember Sports “Up From Below” [Slow Buzz] 
  3. Jack White “Over and Over and Over” [Boarding House Reach] 
  4. Speedy Ortiz “Lucky 88” [Twerp Verse] 
  5. Courtney Barnett “Nameless, Faceless” [Tell Me How You Really Feel] 
  6. System of a Down “Sugar” [System of a Down] 
  7. The James Hunter Six “Don’t Let Pride Take You For a Ride” [Whatever It Takes] 
  8. Mal Blum “Cool Party” [You Look A Lot Like Me] 
  9. Lorde “Supercut (El-P Remix)” [-] 
  10. Cherry Glazerr “Hot Cheetos and Wine” [Our First 100 Days] 
  11. They Might Be Giants “Jackie the Clipper” [dialasong.com
  12. Hop Along “Not Abel” [Bark Your Head Off, Dog]

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