Podcast 424: Featuring Hop Along, Superchunk and Skinny Lister

With a special Mother’s Day intro from his mum, Ben marwood returns to the [edit] radio podcast this week with a superb playlist of his favourite new Indie and Alternative tracks from February.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Marmozets “Major System Error” [Knowing What You Know Now]
  2. Typhoon “Remember” [Offerings]
  3. Weezer “Where’s My Sex?” [Hurley]
  4. Jamie Lenman “Body Popping (automatic edit)” [Devolver]
  5. Hop Along “How Simple” [Bark Your Head Off, Dog]
  6. MGMT “She Works Out Too Much” [Little Dark Age]
  7. Lorde “Writer In The Dark” [Melodrama]
  8. Superchunk “Erasure (ft. Stephen Merritt & Waxahatchee)” [What A Time To Be Alive]
  9. Skinny Lister “Boy Ashore (iPhone demo)” [The Devil, The Heart & The Fight deluxe edition]
  10. The Bluetones “If…” [Return to the Last Chance Saloon]

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