Podcast 419: Featuring Let’s Eat Grandma, Soccer Mommy and Camp Cope

Inspired by a WhatsApp argument with one of his pals, our founder Kev Lawson, selects 12 tracks by female fronted acts to prove that some incredible new Indie and Alternative music is being release every week, you just need to take a chance.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Jay Som “Pirouette” [Single]
  2. CHURCHES “Get Out” [Single]
  3. Let’s Eat Grandma “Hot Pink” [Single]
  4. Calva Louise “Getting Closer” [Single]
  5. Dream Wife “Let’s Make Out” [Dream Wife]
  6. Hop Along “How Simple” [Bark Your Head Off, Dog]
  7. Soccer Mommy “Your Dog” [Clean]
  8. Camp Cope “How to Socialise & Make Friends” [How to Socialise & Make Friends]
  9. Frankie Cosmos “Jesse” [Vessel]
  10. Anna Burch “Quit The Curse” [Quit The Curse]
  11. Zoology “Maroon” [Bloom – EP]
  12. Sorry “Lies” [Single]

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