Podcast 409: Featuring Teen Ravine, Superchunk & Jamie Lenman

Checking in before he jets off on a tour of Germany, a cold-laden Ben Marwood shares his November dose of amazing music both new and used!

Artist ‚ÄúTrack” [Album]

  1. Kesha “Let ‘Em Talk (ft Eagles of Death Metal)” [Rainbow]
  2. Wolf Alice “Beautifully Unconventional” [Visions of a Life]
  3. Teen Ravine “Hall of Horrors” [Teen Ravine]
  4. Superchunk “What A Time To Be Alive” [What A Time To Be Alive]
  5. Jamie Lenman “Personal” [Devolver]
  6. Green Day “Hitchin’ A Ride” [Nimrod]
  7. Cotton Candy “A Sentimental Song” [Worried Noodles]
  8. D.D Dumbo “Satan” [Utopia Defeated]
  9. John Shankie “A Song” [Worried Noodles]
  10. The Killers “Run For Cover” [Wonderful Wonderful]
  11. Primus “The Seven” [The Desaturating Seven]

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