Podcast 395: Featuring Sammus, Waxahatchee and Charly Bliss

On this week’s podcast host, folk-punk hero Ben Marwood, chooses his favourite Alternative tunes both new and used.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Terror Pigeon! “Other Song” [We Will Never Run Out Of Love]
  2. Lorde “Perfect Places” [Melodrama]
  3. Nick Parker “More Like This” [Besta Venya]
  4. Charly Bliss “Glitter” [Guppy]
  5. Waxahatchee “Never Been Wrong” [Out In The Storm]
  6. Macklemore “Glorious (ft. Skylar Grey)” [-]
  7. Sammus “1080p” [Pieces In Space]
  8. Two Inch Astronaut “Snitch Jacket” [Can You Please Not Help]
  9. Third Eye Blind “Semi-Charmed Life” [Third Eye Blind]
  10. Listener “There’s Money In The Walls” [-]

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