Lil Peep – Witchblades

When I die, bury me with all my ice on.

For ages, I’ve joked with friends that when Drake croons about his woes he creates a genre of his own (RnBemo anyone?). But while I don’t doubt the emotional sincerity of his output, he’s often covering issues that are the very definition of first world problems, which is something that makes his music a.) easier for fans to relate to, and b.) easier to mock his ‘feels’ with memes without feeling guilty.

The same emotional triviality is nowhere to be found on WitchBlades, the latest single from fellow Emo and HipHop blending Lil Peep. The newcomer from Los Angeles, erases traditional genre definition with a track that could weirdly fit in either Linkin Park’s or The Weeknd’s discography. While he’s not the first artist to blur the area between rock and rap (Run DMC & Limp Biskit), on WitchBlades, Peep exudes an equal mix of rap badass and emo-kid-fragility, creating something that feels entirely new.