Maty Noyes – London

“Who am I to deny them?”

Sometimes the body wants what it wants. Whether it’s a beer to relax after work or a Gilmour Girls marathon to hide you from a world full of shitheads, we crave things that are comforting and uplifting without any hint of pretence. It’s that quality that makes London by Maty Noyse (presumably pronounced noise) a peach of a track; it’s unashamedly OTT. With horns / classical strings lifted straight from the heart of disco and the sort of guitars/base riffs that Pharrell or Nile Rodgers would be happy to put their name, it makes no difference that the songs chorus is a barely understandable “Mon to the munk, and tree to the trunk, and I’m gonna go to London”. It’s Europop at its bonkers best.