Podcast 374: Featuring Stormzy, At The Drive-In and Jesca Hoop

On his third podcast of the year, folk-punk hero and all round supernice guy Ben Marwood swoops in with his new music picks from the month of February!

Artist “Song” [Album]

  1. Deadmau5 “Glish” [W:/2016ALBUM/]
  2. At The Drive-In “Governed By Contagions” [In•ter a•li•a]
  3. Northcote “Bitter End” [Hope Is Made Of Steel]
  4. Why? “This Ole King” [Moh lhean]
  5. Stormzy “Big for Your Boots” [Gang Signs & Prayer]
  6. Pavement “Stereo” [Brighten the Corners]
  7. Amber Run “Haze” [For A Moment, I Was Lost]
  8. Against Me! “Dead Rats” [Shape Shift With Me]
  9. sad13 “Tell U What” [Slugger]
  10. Jesca Hoop “Pegasi” [Memories Are Now]
  11. Bell Biv Devoe “I’m Betta” [Three Stripes]

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