Jay Som – SLOW

“Sinking ’til I cannot swim”

When people describe the feeling of a burgeoning relationship, the effect of gravity is never far away from their thoughts and they’re in one of three stages; about to fall, are falling or have fallen in love with the other person.

For some this process is as easy as breathing, for those with any sense, it’s an experience rife with questions that the mind clings to. Why do they love me ahead of everyone else? What if they leave me? Are they good for me? How will they treat me? How will I treat them in return? Do I want to give up my independence? *takes deep breath*

It’s the systematic removal of these doubts that Jay Som’s ‘SLOW’  is all about. The track, which would fit comfortably into Wild Nothing or The Pains of Being Pure At Heart’s discography, flits between the blissed-out haze of the moment, “sneaking into your parents bed / Laughing ‘til our faces turn red” before an increasingly panicked rhythm sections steps in, “Out of control / This pattern / I’m taking deep breaths” and leaves the fate of love down to the listener.

Listen to SLOW below or as part of Podcast 364.