Georgia – Feel It

photo by Laura Coulson

“Don’t be afraid to pick up your sticks and play”

Georgia feels like something of an oddity. She first hit the public eye as, in essence, a session drummer for Kate Tempest and Kwes and via a record deal with Domino has since shown her hand as a capable electro-pop songwriter; her 2015 self-titled debut album was well regarded by critics and hinted that there was better to come.

Well it’s not longer a hint, as her bombastic new single ‘Feel It’ opens this week’s podcast and is a legit banger . Structurally the track nabs the echoey synthpop blueprint of Belispeak era Purity Ring and smooshes it with the raw percussive and vocal aggression of chip tune era Crystal Castles – a fusion that in retrospect feels so obvious you wonder why no one else did it first.