[edit] radio podcast 354: Featuring The Lemon Twigs, Hiss Golden Messenger and Blue Rose Code


On this week’s podcast Tom Crook, Paul Whitty, Ben Smith and their pal James are back from the heart of Oxfordshire and bring with them over an hour of the best new and nerdy music banter you’re likely to find!

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. The Lemon Twigs “As Long As We’re Together” [Do Hollywood]
  2. Bon Iver “00000 Million” [22 A Million]
  3. Mellyr Jones “How To Recognise A Work Of Art” [2013]
  4. Jackie Oates & Megan Henwood “Love Vigilantes” [Wings EP]
  5. Here We Go Magic “Over The Ocean” [A Different Ship]
  6. Hiss Golden Messenger “Heart Like A Levee” [Heart Like A Levee]
  7. Blue Rose Code “Chasing Sunlight” [Chasing Sunlight EP]
  8. Radiohead “Airbag” [OK Computer]
  9. Beck “Where It’s At” [Odelay]
  10. Yann Tierson “Penn Ar Roc’h” [Eusa]

[edit] radio podcast 354: Runtime 1:11:44 (Right Click and Save As to Download)