[edit] radio podcast 353: Featuring Beans on Toast, sad13 and Against Me!


On this week’s podcast a tired (so very tired) Ben Marwood talks us through his favourite tracks from the past few months featuring a song in homage to an X-Files character and many, many more.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. sad13 “Get A Yes” [Slugger]
  2. Beans on Toast “God Is A Cartoonist” [Rolling Up The Hill]
  3. De La Soul “Pain (ft. Snoop Dogg)” [.. And the Anonymous Nobody]
  4. Hop Along “Powerful Man” [Painted Shut]
  5. OVLOV “Really Bees” [Am]
  6. Against Me! “12:03” [Shape Shift With Me]
  7. Tacocat “Dana Katherine Scully” [Lost Time]
  8. Creeper “Suzanne” [Eternity, In Your Arms]
  9. The Weakerthans “My Favourite Chords” [Left and Leaving]
  10. Temples “Certainty” [Single]
  11. CFO$ “Glorious Domination” [Single]

[edit] radio podcast 353: Runtime 43:37 (Right Click and Save As to Download)