[edit] radio podcast 341: Featuring Metronomy, American Music Club and Estrons


MetronomyNews1It’s the hottest day of the year (so far) and while you’re probably in a beer garden or enjoying the sun, the world of music keeps on spinning new songs for us to enjoy! To help guide Oxfordshire based Tom and Ben (and possibly Paul) with over an hour of chat and tracks to soundtrack your BBQ!

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. The Avalanches “Subways” [Wildflower]
  2. Wilco “Locator” [Download]
  3. Metronomy “16 Beats” [Summer 08]
  4. American Music Club “I’ve Been A Mess” [Mercury]
  5. Beach House “Myth” [Bloom]
  6. Estrons “Make A Man” [Single]
  7. Sonic Youth “Theme With Noise” [Spinhead Session]
  8. Felt “Primitive Painters” [Ignite The Seven Cannons]
  9. Metronomy “Old Skool” [Summer 08]

[edit] radio podcast 341: Runtime – 1:06:22 (Right Click and Save As to download MP3 file)