[edit] radio podcast 325: Featuring The Orielles, Weaves and The Wrens


It’s a five Tuesday month here on edit radio meaning you get an extra podcast for your money. This time founder Kevin Lawson curates a neat selection of new music and introduces a new feature “Here’s one I played earlier”.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Kamaiyah “Out The Bottle” [Single]
  2. Weaves “One More” [Weaves]
  3. The Orielles “Jobin” [Jobin EP]
  4. Kristen Kontrol “X-Communicate” [Single]
  5. Yeasayer “Silly Me” [Amen & Goodbye]
  6. The Wrens “Thirteen Grand” [The Meadowlands]
  7. Mitski “Your Best American Girl” [Puberty 2]
  8. Whitney “No Woman” [Single]
  9. Lapsley “Tell Me The Truth” [Long Way Home]
  10. Shura “Touch” [Single]
  11. Ariana Grande “Be Alright” [Dangerous Woman]

[edit] radio podcast 325: Runtime – 42:10 (Right Click and Save As to download MP3 file)