[edit] radio podcast 323: Featuring Minor Victories, Mammoth Penguins and Hayseed Dixie

Minor-Victories-photo-by-Sally-Lockey-CopyOn this week’s podcast Tom Crook and his pals Ben and Colin are here to help you through another week of mindless commuting with over an hours worth of the best music new and used.

Artists “Track” [Album]

  1. Teenage Fanclub “Everything Flows” [Catholic Education]
  2. Steven James Adams “Ideas” [Old Magik]
  3. Mr. Scruff “Fish” [Keep It Unreal]
  4. Minor Victories “A Hundred Ropes” [Minor Victories]
  5. Mammoth Penguins “Strength In My Legs” [Hide & Seek]
  6. Reggie Watts “Radiohead Parody” [YouTube]
  7. Papa M “Over Jordan” [Whatever, Mortal]
  8. The Maccabees “Toothpaste Kisses” [Colour It In]
  9. Bryce – Wait” [single]
  10. Girl Band “Pears For Lunch” [Holding Hands With Jamie]
  11. Hayseed Dixie “I’m Keeping Your Poop In A Jar” [A Hillbilly Tribute To Mountain Love]
  12. DJ Zinc “138 Trek” [Beats By Design EP]
  13. Midlake “Roscoe” [Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve remix]

[edit] radio podcast 323: Runtime – 1:09:00 (Right Click and Save As to download MP3 file)