[edit] radio podcast 316: Featuring OhBoy!, Nzca Lines and Cairobi


In his last regular podcast for [edit] radio, BBC bound Andrew Backhouse talks through his favourite new music releases from the last two months.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. OhBoy! “Carrot and The Stick” [Single]
  2. Everything Everything “Only As Good As My God” [Get To Heaven]
  3. Pale Hound “Molly” [Dry Food]
  4. Nzca Lines “Chemical Is Obvious” [Infinite Summer]
  5. Bird Dog “The Ocean and The Sea” [Mistry Shrub]
  6. Meilyr Jones “Don Juan” [Single]
  7. … And The Hangnails “Everybody’s Luck” [Rut]
  8. Cairobi “Zoraide” [Distant Fire – EP]
  9. Rob Bravery “Who Can Be Sure?” [Single]
  10. David Bowie “Blackstar” [Blackstar]

[edit] radio podcast 316 – – Runtime – 53:25 (Right Click and Save to download MP3 File)