Adele fans are more likely to date a millionaire than see her live in concert


Here at [edit] towers, we ignore the majority of press releases that fly into our mailbox, but this latest bit of research from  Ticketbis is a crackin’ bit of data analysis that last week’s podcast host Ben Marwood would be proud of!

The secondary ticket seller has found that the probability of fans seeing Adele live during her next tour is a mere 0.25%, or a 1 in 400 chance. To put that into perspective you’re more likely to find out their child is a genius (1 in 250 chance), roll a double six (1 in 36 chance), write a New York Times bestseller (1 in 220 chance) or date a millionaire (1 in 215 chance) than see Adele live on her next tour.

The company worked out this figure by identifying the percentage of Adele’s social media following (which stands at 61.6 million  Facebook fans, 23.7 million Twitter followers and 1.6 million Instagram followers) who have been lucky enough to see her perform live already and calculated this figure by looking at Adele’s social media following, total gigs, total venue capacity and average gig size.

From this, they identified that only 0.39% of Adele’s fans on Facebook have had the chance to see her live. A miniscule 0.17% of her Facebook fans could have potentially bagged tickets for her first tour, while 0.21% were lucky enough to be there for the Adele Live concerts.

With the diva favouring smaller shows, despite the odd arena and festival appearance thrown into her tours, the average size of audience at one of Adele’s concerts comes in at 1,867 people.

So when those tickets do finally go on sale make you’re handy with the O2 priority or have a crack team of friends with a plethora of tabs ready otherwise you’ll have no chuffing chance!