[edit] radio podcast 300: Featuring Grace Acladna, Outfit and Rhodes


Oh Man! 300 podcast’s…How the hell did that happen? To mark the occasion it’s fitting that Andy Backhouse – one of our longest serving fans who we’ve taken as a presenter – is the one to usher in our triple century! He brings with him, as he always does, a heap of great new music and a trainspotter like enthusiasm for each artist

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Misun “Nobody Knows” [Feel Better]
  2. Georgia “Nothing Solutions” [Georgia]
  3. Liss “Try” [Single]
  4. Rhodes “Raise Your Love” [Raise Your Love “EP]
  5. Count Counsellor “Disco Dodo” [& The Childhood Heroes “EP]
  6. Django Django “Shake and Tremble” [Born Under Saturn]
  7. Outfit “Framed” [Slowness]
  8. Pixx “Fall In” [Fall In “EP]
  9. Gilligan Moss “Choreograph” [Ceremonial “EP]
  10. Grace Acladna “London” [Songs of the Subconscious “EP]
  11. Darwin Deez “Time Machine” [Double Down]
  12. Palenco “Pocket Knives” [Palenco]
  13. Oh Wonder “Drive” [Oh Wonder]

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