[edit] radio podcast 299: Featuring Bert Jansch, Don Caballerro and The Wedding Present


After a little scheduling mix-up, Tom Crook and his cohorts are back for their September show. Topics of conversation include a recording of crisp eating, Wayne Rooney’s record breaking goal and even a requested track!

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. The Wedding Present “Brassneck” [Bizzarro]
  2. The Set Ensemble “360 Sounds” [Stopcock]
  3. Oscar “Beautiful Words” [Beautiful Words 12″]
  4. Bert Jansch “Blackwater Slide” [
  5. The Smiths “Back To The Old House” [Louder Than Bombs]
  6. Paul Whitty “Wayne Rooney’s 50th Goal For Englan” [Field Recording]
  7. Low “No Comprende” [Ones And Sixes]
  8. Don Caballerro “June Is Finally Here” [What Burns Never Returns]
  9. Ryan Adams “Oh Sweet Carolina” [Live At Carnegie Hall]

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