Julio Bashmore – Holding On


I don’t know why, why I adore you?

I haven’t previously bought into the idea that Julio Bashmore was as ‘hot shit’ as most of the music press and my pals were saying. It might have been that most of the people hyping his music were snapback sporting twats with wanky top knot hair cuts who would describe themselves as DJ’s (seriously Portlandia has got your number!) but equally I never really heard a track that grabbed me by the metaphorical balls and said ‘you have no choice but to dance to this and enjoy yourself’.

Well that was until he released ‘Holding On’ and made the whole thing awkward for me.

The track is a wlecome cool breeze on the hottest of summer days. A smooth groove with a skittish house beat, 70s inspired strings and a killer chorus that’s expertly delivered by Sam Dew. It’ll be the back drop to every ‘Suns out, Guns out’ day of 2015 and has a similar set of hard to ignore qualities as Uptown Funk, one that should see Bashmore cross over to the mainstream. The only question left is if those that previously championed him will desert him the same way they did with Disclosure, or come along for the ride?

Julio Bashmore – Holding On