[edit] radio podcast 280: A General Election Special featuring Cassette Boy, Ben Marwood and Jetplane Landing

los_camp_toryWith just two days to go before the UK General Election, Kevin Lawson makes an impassioned plea to any undecided voters to NOT mark their ballot for the Conservatives or UKIP. Listen to find out why…

Artist “Song” [Album]

  1. Los Campesinos! “The Sea is A Good Place to Think of The Future” [Romance is Boring]
  2. Ben Marwood “An Escape From Yeehaw Junction” [Back Down]
  3. The Green Party “Change The Tune” [Green Party Political Broadcast 2015]
  4. Kanye West “New Slaves” [Yeezus]
  5. Cassette Boy “Cameron’s 2014 Conference Rap” [You Tube Rip]
  6. Chris T-T “The Huntsman Comes A Marching” [9 Red Songs]
  7. Frank Turner “Thatcher F****d the Kids” [Love Ire & Song + The First Three Years]
  8. Future Of The Left “Sorry Dad, I Was Late For The Riot” [The Plot Against Common Sense]
  9. Brawlers “Instagram Famous” [Single]
  10. Jetplane Landing “Effect A Change” [Once Like a Spark]

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