[edit] radio podcast 274: Featuring Wolf Alice, Staves and Mclusky

IMAG0152_BURST006_1 (1)Back after missing a month to a busy schedule – something he goes into detail in during the ‘cast – [edit] radio is happy to welcome back Vinyl Tap’s Adam Stroyan to the fold. He brings with him great music and a wealth of knowledge about the hottest vinyl releases over the past two months.


  2. YOUNG FATHERS – SHAME (from the upcoming album ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’ available to pre order here: http://bit.ly/1xsFz2L)
  3. STAVES – BLACK & WHITE (from the new album ‘If I Was’ available at Vinyl Tap now here: http://www.vinyltap.co.uk/if-i-was-231448)
  4. WHO – MY GENERATION (from the album ‘My Generation’. Who reissues available at Vinyl Tap now here: http://bit.ly/1xsFXOL)
  5. WILLIE ‘THE LION’ SMITH – AIN’T SHE SWEET? (from the album self titled album on the DECCA ECLIPSE label, this and other titles on the label available here: http://bit.ly/1HaoRIv )
  6. LAPALUX FT. SZJERDENE – CLOSURE (from the upcoming album LUSTMORE)
  7. ROBIN THICKE – BLURRED LINES (from the album ‘Blurred Lines’)
  8. MIKAL CRONIN – GREEN AND BLUE (from his self titled first album. Watch out for the album being available to pre order soon at Vinyl Tap)
  9. HOBBIT – PAINTING BOX (from the album ‘Hobbit’ available for £1000 here: http://www.vinyltap.co.uk/first-and-last-221017)
  10. MCLUSKY – WITHOUT MSG I AM NOTHING (from the album MCLUSKYISM, one of the albums to be reissued for Record Store Day. Full RSD releases list here: http://recordstoreday.co.uk/exclusive-products/new.aspx and see our facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/434488313376932/)
  11. SHERLOCKS – LIVE FOR THE MOMENT BREEZE – LOVE STONED (playing live in store as part of record store day. Full details of all live stuff at the shop can be found here: www.vinyltap.co.uk/events)

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