[edit] radio podcast 263 – Tips for 2015


Yes it’s that time again when everyone associated with the music press turn’s into a fortune teller or some form of racing tipster to try and predict who will be the most critically acclaimed and down right famous new acts in the year. Perhaps unwisely Kevin Lawson tries his hand at the notorious predictable form of divination!


  1. Most likely to appeal to fans of Craig David’s seminal debut album Born To Do It
  2. They’ve only released an EP and you won’t have heard of them Hipsters choice
  3. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter AKA Garage band most likely to ‘Make it’
  4. The saviour’s of┬ádanceable Indie┬ámusic
  5. Most likely to remind you of that fucking song by the Temper Trap
  6. Feel good band of the summer
  7. Brooding popstars that’ll be cool to like
  8. Critical Darlings and Musical Fad’s
  9. Lad Rock Champions
  10. We sincerely hope they become famous band of 2015

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