Pop Smarts – Sep ’14


Put simply, here’s [edit] radio’s list of the best pop music which for one reason or another is still flying a little under the radar, best listen as (sarcasm alert!) it won’t be cool to like these artists for long:

Karen Harding

In the wake of Keisza it seems like every talent manager and his cookie cutter pop-star is having a go at jumping on the bandwagon* with mixed results. That said, Say Something by Karen Harding is a fine example of ‘doing it right’ and brings a Houstenesq level of soul to the mix too.

*It is in the recording industries interests to keep our tastes predictable so it makes it easier to make money, more often than not ‘bandwagon jumping’ is a carefully orchestrated plan.

George Maple

Called Talk Talk, this song is an early cut from George Maple’s Vacent Space EP which is due out in October and sounds a bit Jessie Ware-ish with a bit more menace.

Great Good Fine Ok

Their Body Diamond EP is just the start for these New Yorkers who on the basis of these four bangers are surely destined to be just about the biggest pop band on the planet.

Zara Larsson

The next wunderkind to come out of Sweden, 16 year-old Zara Larsson makes up for her (understandable) lack of emotional maturity in her songwriting with an energy that should only be described as youthful.

Beatrice Eli

Another new Swedish pop-star but this time treading a more gothic look and sound. Her debut album Die Another Day (which I hope is named after the shitty bond film) is out in October and has a lead single (video above) which bears a more than a passing resemblance to Hall & Oates Maneater.