[edit] radio podcast 242

271853_10150248908312746_1759558_o He may still be struggling to get over a pretty serious bout of labrynthitis but it’ll take more than a debilitating dizziness to keep Ben Marwood away from his month podcast here at [edit]. Take not of the best in music new and used as he powers through another 40 odd minutes, just perfect.

Artist “Song” [Album]

  1. The New Pornographers “Brill Bruisers” [Brill Bruisers]
  2. Bon Iver “Heavenly Father” [Wish I Was Here OST]
  3. Cymbals Eat Guitars “Chambers” [LOSE]
  4. Strand of Oaks “Goshen ’97” [HEAL]
  5. Centro-matic “Salty Disciple” [Take Pride In Your Long Odds]
  6. Chance the Rapper and the Social Experiment “Wonderful Everyday: Arthur” [single]
  7. Sisyphus “Lion’s Share” [Sisyphus]
  8. Lorde “White Teeth Teens” [Pure Heroine]
  9. Mongol Horde “Blistering Blue Barnacles” [Mongol Horde]
  10. Drive-By Truckers “Pauline Hawkins” [English Oceans]

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