Used: Paramore ‘Ain’t It Fun’

paramore-aint_it_fun “Ain’t it good being all alone?”

After the million selling successes of ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Blurred Lines’ there wasn’t really a lot of space for many other pop songs to make their mark during the summer of ’13. Whilst it didn’t really seem that the music buying public minded – both songs were stone cold pop hits after all – there a few songs that never really had the radio airtime to cross over into the pop culture mainstream, despite being every bit as good.  One song that got lost in the Pharrell penned, musical maelstrom was Paramore’s sarcastically life affirming track ‘Ain’t It Fun.’ A pop track built on a foundation of funk rock, the song is easily the best of the bands post-breakup output and uses a liberal transfusion of gospel to create an experience as addictive as a Walter Whites blue sky crystal meth. Put it this way, it was the song which turned me – a fully paid up member of the Paramore hate club – into the polar opposite; heck not even Misery Business had managed to do that.

Paramore – Ain’t it Fun