Pop Smarts – July ’14

ariana-grande-wallpaper-4NEW FEATURE ALERT! – Regular listeners to my podcast on [edit] radio will know that my previously pretentious prejudice against commercial pop music has somewhat softened over the past two years. I don’t know how and when it happened, but at some point I stopped spending so much time worrying about where the art came from (although it is still important to me) and instead just focused on enjoying the music itself. The change has been a liberating experience, one which allowed me to find some pop gems that I would have previously dismissed as ‘crap’ or ‘derivative’ in one of the many fits of hipsterishness that I used to suffer from. It’s this experience of pop music rediscovery that I want to share with you; once a month I’ll be publishing a list of some of my favourite pop songs which even the most ardent hipsters will find difficult to hate.

Ariana Grande – Just about the hottest star in pop right now; music ready for chart success which comes complete with Pitchforks ‘Best New Music’ seal of approval that’ll is sure to make hipsters take her seriously; the complete package.

Nimmo And The Gauntletts – Signed to Columbia, there are big things expected of this band from London and this track Others is as dark as it is catchy.

The KatanasThis Beyonce isnpired duo from Manchester have been a favourite of BBC Introducing for over a year now and have just been playlisted on BBC Radio One. Rising stars.

Great Good Fine Ok – Not much to say about this electro pop duo from Brooklyn other than their track ‘Not Going Home’ is fuckin’ amazing.

Keisza – Ok, Ok, this isn’t much of a prediction seeing how much of a hit Hideaway was BUT in my defence her newest track ‘Giant In My Heart’ has one of my favourite music videos ever.

DJ Zinc – After Kiesza’s success it was inevitable that some would try to cash in her “sound” as it were, what is surprising is that is DJ Zinc from the hugely trendy Rinse FM that has done so. That being said this song is every bit as catchy as Hideaway and has a pretty amazing video to match.

Baby Metal – Never has metal been more accessible, just a brilliant mishmash of styles. I guess after Sleigh Bells proved pop and Hair Metal went together it was only a matter of time before somebody took the theory and ran with it.

MNEK – Pronounced Emenike, which also happens to be the name of this talented 19-year old from Lewisham, the youngster has more than a hint of early Craig David about him, which in my humble opinion is all the sales pitch you need.