[edit] radio podcast 221

Broadcasting direct from Paul’s kitchen, Tom Crook and Co. return to the [edit] radio with vim, vigour and v… v… vampires, no that’s not right… AHA vitality! YES vitality! All alliteration based mental breakdowns aside, this is another hour of new music and podcasting gold.

Artist “Song” [Album]
  1. Black Hearted Brothers “Got Your Love” [Stars Are Our Home]
  2. Botany “Quatic” [Lava Diviner]
  3. The Chalk Giants “Shut Down” [Animal Carnival]
  4. Martin Stephenson, Jim Hornsby & Bryan Younger “My Wife She Went And Left Me” [Live]
  5. Damon Albarn “Everyday Robots” [Single]
  6. Neil Halstead “Digging Shelters” [Palindrome Hunches]
  7. Wild Beasts “Mecca” [Present Tense]
  8. Geophones “Paul Whitty” [Field Recording]
  9. Old Shanghai “Paul Whitty” [Live]
  10. Lanterns On The Lake “The Ghost

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