[edit] radio podcast 218

This week the guys from Hall Of Sound return with an exclusive podcast for [edit] radio, bring with them the best jokes and music, both new and used, they could find.

Artist “Song” [Album]

  1. Lilac Shadows “No Dark No Light” [Reverbnation]
  2. Stereolab “French Disko” [Refried Ectoplasm]
  3. JherrymeB “Too Late” [Reverbnation]
  4. Hard Working Americans “Stamp & Holler” [Hard Working Americans]
  5. Paper Cranes “Little Darling” [Be My Home]
  6. Larry Williams “Short Fat Fanny” [Best of………]
  7. Peter Gabriel “Here Comes The Flood” [Shaking The Tree]
  8. Breton “Legs & Arms” [War Room Stories]
  9. Pool Cosby “Busywork” [Can’t Wait]
  10. Toy “It’s Been So Long” [Join The Dots]
  11. The Royal Foundry “All We Have” [Wherever We Go]
  12. Martin Newell “She Rings The Changes” [The Greatest Living Englishman]

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