[edit] radio podcast 213

Tom Crook and co. return to [edit] radio with renewed vigour and professionalism for 2014. Leading you on a tour of their favourite music and band names from 2013 using techniques like research, which has been a long neglected tool on our podcasts. Things are looking up!

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding “1993” [Any Port In A Storm]
  2. The War On Drugs “Red Eyes” [Lost In The Dream]
  3. Black Hearted Brother “Got Your Love” [The Stars Are Our Home]
  4. John Hopkins “Form By Firelight” [Immunity]
  5. Jeffrey Lewis “Krongu Green Slime” [A Turn In The Dream-Songs]
  6. The National “Fireproof” [Trouble Will Find Me]
  7. Paul Whitty “Hydrophones On The Riverbed” [Field Recording]
  8. ? “Jolene” [Download]
  9. Breton “Two Years” [Other People’s Problems]
  10. Janice Whaley “I Will” [Single]
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