[edit] radio podcast 192

Tom and Ben are joined this week on [edit] radio by Drew who is filling in for Paul and if you this that’s a diffuse statement then you’re going to love this podcast. As ever Crook and Co. bring with them some of the best (and rarest) music that money can’t buy.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Bonobo-Banjo Band “Dola” [Carver]
  2. Joe Goddard “Gabriel” [Single]
  3. Amy’s Ghost “Peaceful Sleeper” [Sartre’s Flower]
  4. The Charlatans “North Country Boy” [Melting Pot]
  5. Paul Whitty “Aggressive Marketing For The Festival At Caillac And Some”
  6. Field Recording “Sallows On A Telegraph Wire” [Field Recording] 
  7. Laura Marling “Master Hunter” [I Am An Eagle]
  8. Matt Creer “Islands” [Islands]
  9. Pixies “Bagboy” [single]
  10. Donny Hathaway “Someday We Will All Be Free” [Extension Of A Man]
  11. Rotary Connection “I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun” [Hey Love]
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