[edit] radio podcast 189

It’s metal week here on [edit] radio and Barry Dolan is back to bring you another 40 of amazing noise!
Band  “Song” [Album]
  1. Mogwai “Hungry Face” [Les Revenants Soundtrack]
  2. Nick Oliveri “Start A Fight” [Death Acoustic]
  3. Caves “Build Against” [Betterment]
  4. Woahnows “Collective Aspiration” [Foma]
  5. Crash of Rhinos “Mannheim” [Knots]
  6. That Fucking Tank “Car On Fire” [TFT]
  7. Black Moth “The Articulate Dead” [The Killing Jar]
  8. InMe “Myths and Photographs” [Daydream Anonymous]
  9. Dinosaur Jr. “Freak Scene” [Bug]
  10. AC Acoustics “Stunt Girl” [Victory Parts]
  11. I Is Another “Kerry Jane” [I Is Another]
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