[edit] radio podcast 183

Despite some confusion and a last minute recording, Tom Crook and Co. are back on [edit] radio this week, bringing with them a whole host of excellent new music.

Band “Song” [Album]
  1. Teleman “Cristina” [single]
  2. Travis Bretzer “Trying To Learn” [single]
  3. Dennis The Fox “Piledriver” [Country Funk]
  4. Pete Greenwood “The 88” [single]
  5. The Handsome Family “Caterpillars” [Wilderness]
  6. Ben Watt feat. Estelle “Pop A Cap In Yo’ Ass” [single]
  7. Phoenix “Trying To Be Cool” [Bankrupt!]
  8. Yann Tiersen “Les Jours Tristes” [L’Absente]
  9. Andrew Milloy “Philomena” [remix]
  10. Sam Taplin “Roger Federer” [promo]
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