[edit] radio podcast 175

Despite being currently on tour, Barry Dolan AKA Oxygen Thief finds time to bring the metal on this weeks [edit] radio podcast.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Earthtone9 “March of the Yeti” [IV]
  2. Let’s Talk Daggers “Footnotes” [Fantastic Contraption]
  3. Hold Your Horse Is “The Exit” [Frimley]
  4. Axes “Wet Wet Wet Wet” [Single]
  5. Wet Nuns “All The Young Girls” [Broken Teeth EP]
  6. Bats “Wolfwrangler” [EP 2]
  7. Rival Schools “Sofia Loren” [Found]
  8. Make Believe “We’re All Going To Die” [Make Believe]
  9. Faraquet “Cut Self Not” [The View From This Tower]
  10. Cable “From Here You Can See Yourself” [When Animals Attack]
  11. Deftones “Headup” [Around The Fur]
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