[edit] radio podcast 165

Despite releasing 2 new EP’s, playing a launch live show and prepping his brand new album, Ben Marwood has still found time to put together another amazing 40 odd minutes of the best in alternative new and used. Enjoy!

Band “Song” [Album]
  1. Frank Turner “Four Simple Words” [Tape Deck Heart]
  2. Freeze The Atlantic “Shivering & Dazed” [Speakeasy]
  3. Atlas Genius “If So” [When It Was Now]
  4. Dirty Projectors “Swing Lo Magellan” [Swing Lo Magellan]
  5. Why? “Waterlines” [Mumps, Etc]
  6. Yo La Tengo “I’ll Be Around” [Fade]
  7. Postal Service “Such Great Heights” [Give Up]
  8. The Knife “You Take My Breath Away” [Deep Cuts]
  9. Mountain Goats “Until I Am Whole” [Transcendental Youth]
  10. South San Gabriel “Alabama Crusade” [Dual Hawks]
  11. Two Man Gentlemen Band “The Hindenburg Disaster” [Live In New York]
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