[edit] radio podcast 163

This week on [edit] radio, Does It Offend You Yeah’s Bobby Bloomfield takes control of the podcast and mainlines 45 minutes of the geekiest electronica into the pleasure centres of your ears. Amazing!

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Plugs “Free Tibet (Bobby Bloomfield RMX)” [edit radio exclusive]
  2. Grimes “Genesis” [Visions]
  3. Delia Derbyshire “Original Dr Who Theme” [The BBC]
  4. The Adelines “Little Games” [Single]
  5. Slowdive “So TIred” [Outside Your Room Ep]
  6. Bobby Bloomfield “Song for Sushi” [edit radio exclusive]
  7. Knife Party “Internet Friends” [100% Modern Talking]
  8. LowZnoise “Psycho Monster (Bobby Bloomfield RMX)” [edit radio exclusive]
  9. Chemical Brothers “Block Rockin’ Beats” [Dig Your Own Hole]
  10. Portishead “Silence” [Third]
  11. Prolix “On Like That” [On Like That EP]
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