[edit] radio podcast 138

Bristolian Barry Dolan is back this week on [edit] radio and he’s bringing the metal in another 40 odd minute podcast crammed full of music new and old! Band “Song” [Album]

  1. More Than Conquerers “Oh My Son!” [Boots & Bones]
  2. Lightguides “Old Bucket Seats” [Samba Samba Samba]
  3. Hymns “Repent Rebuild” [Cardinal Sins]
  4. Sucioperro “The Crushing Of The Little People” [Random Acts Of Intimacy]
  5. You Slut! “Pitch and Putt With You Slut!” [Medium Bastard]
  6. The Computers “Teenage Tourette’s Camp” [You Can’t Hide From The Computers]
  7. Shapes “Allure a Hore” [Monotony Chic]
  8. Burning Airlines Pacific 231 [Mission:Control!]
  9. The Dismemberment Plan “Small Stuff” [“!”]
  10. Lafaro “Chopper Is A Fucking Tout” [Lafaro]
  11. Channels “Chivaree” [Waiting For The Next End Of The World]

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