[edit] radio podcast 119

This week on the [edit] radio podcast, Ben Marwood ponders when he will die from fried chicken-related heart diseases.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Harvey Danger “The show must not go on” [The dead sea scrolls]
  2. The Shins “Simple song” [Port of morrow]
  3. Cloud Nothings “Stay Useless” [Attack on memory]
  4. Twilight Sad “Another bed” [No-one can ever know]
  5. Jeffrey Lewis “How can it be” [A turn in the dream songs]
  6. Dry the River “New Ceremony” [Shallow bed]
  7. Oxygen Thief “Paper Planes” [Free download]
  8. The Black Keys “Gold on the ceiling” [El camino]
  9. The Long Winters “It’ll be a breeze” [When I pretend to fall]
  10. The Muppets “Rainbow connection” [The Muppets OST]