[edit] radio podcast 118

Earlier than scheduled, mister Tom Crook fill’s in for Ben Marwood (who’s on his hols) on this weeks [edit] radio podcast. Bringing with him 40 odd minutes of the best in new and alternative music.
Band “Song” [Album]
  1. Underworld “Jumbo” [Beaucoup Fish]
  2. Bombay Bicycle Club “How Can You Swallow?” [Tom Vek mix]
  3. The Civil Wars “I Want You Back” [Barton Hollows Bonus Track Version]
  4. The Monkees “What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round?” [Pisces, Aqaurius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd]
  5. Nick Drake “River Man” [Made To Love Magic]
  6. Agnes Obel “Riverside” [Philharmonics]
  7. Beth Jean Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny “Atlas” [Yours Truly Cellophane Nose]
  8. Jurassic 5 “Concrete Schoolyard” [Jurassic 5]
  9. Mancub Babywoman “A Little Too Much” [A Little Too Much EP]
  10. Lambchop “If Not I’ll Die” [Mr. M]