[edit] radio podcast 117

Kevin Lawson takes the reigns of this weeks [edit] radio podcast, delivering 40 more minutes of the best in new and alternative music, including our favourite UK artists, album of the month and another [edit] radio hero.

Band “Song”[Album]
  1. Sleigh Bells “Demons” [Reign Of Terror]
  2. Lambchop “The Good Life (is wasted)” [Mr. M]
  3. Modest Mouse “Convenient Parking” [The Lonesome Crowded West]
  4. Azealia Banks “212 (feat. Lazy Jay)” [Single]
  5. M.I.A “Bad Girls” [Single]
  6. Willis Earl Beal “Take Me Away” [Soundcloud]
  7. Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun”A Song About Death” [Single]
  8. Born With Stripes “…You Stole The Laces From My Shoes” [Bandcamp download]
  9. Bernholz “Austerity boy” [Soundcloud]
  10. Zola Jesus “In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)” [Single]
  11. Sparklehorse “It’s a Wonderful Life” [It’s a Wonderful Life]