[edit] radio podcast 115

Tom Crook takes the reigns for his 2nd podcast of 2012, delivering an eclectic mix of the best in alternative music both new and old!

Band “Song” [Album]
  1. The Explorers Club “Run Run Run” [Grand Hotel]
  2. Fixers “Iron Deer Dream” [Single]
  3. Alt-J “Fitzpleasure” [Single]
  4. Real Estate “Easy” [Days]
  5. Felt “Ballad Of The Band” [Ballad Of The Band 12″]
  6. Cat Stevens “Was Dog A Doughnut” [Izitso]
  7. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat “The Copper Top” [Everything’s Getting Older]
  8. Orange Juice “Simply Thrilled Honey” [The Glasgow School]
  9. Kindness “Cyan” [Single]
  10. Dale Earnhart Jr Jr “Morning Thought” [Single]