Heard you say suicide in your sleep, just get on with it

Sleigh Bells – Born To Lose

Just before Christmas, Sleigh Bells unleashed the first track from their second album Reign Of Terror and initially I felt a little disappointed. Not because the track sounded bad but because I had unfeasibly high hopes that they’d be crafting an album full of pop tracks like “Rill Rill.” Unlike that standout, “Born To Lose” follows the blueprint established in the rest of their debut album Treats. Using massive guitar riffs, call and response vocal shouts with machine gun like electronic beats but here they’ve added a little more polish. As time wore on my disappointment faded, realising that despite a two year wait they still sound intoxicatingly bold and that no other band has come close to replicating their template for melodic brutality. So regardless of my ongoing hopes for the rest of the second album (this after all is only the first taster), “Born to Lose” is still a treat for musical thrill seekers. One that has all the heady release that attracts listeners of ‘bro step’ but with a cool, shoegaze detachment that’s adored by indie hipsters. Suggesting that Sleigh Bells adrenaline fuelled music will find a far more receptive audience this time round.

Sleigh Bells – Born To Lose by Mom + Pop