[edit] radio podcast 111

It’s the forth tuesday of an action packed January here at [edit] radio and we are pleased to welcome back Barry Dolan for 2012. In a bid to provide some musical diversity Barry will be providing around 40 minutes of some of the best metal/heavier sounding music you’re likely to find.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Cars On Fire “Knives” [free download]
  2. Therapy? “Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing” [A Brief Crack Of Light]
  3. Young Legionnaire “Killdozer” [Wreckonomics EP]
  4. Above Them “Step Back Release” [Are We A Danger To Ourselves]
  5. Caves “Time And Time Again” [Homeward Bound]
  6. Bomb The Music Industry “Can I Pay My Rent In Fun?” [Scrambles]
  7. Brand New – The Shower Scene [Your Favorite Weapon*]
  8. Hymns “Idyllic In Nature, Horrendous In Habit” [Cardinal Sins/Contrary Virtues]
  9. Cursive “The Sun And The Moon” [I Am Geminii]
  10. Bats About Bats “Night & Fog” [Unholy Jazz EP]
  11. Future of the Left “Polymers Are Forever” [Polymers Are Forever** EP]
  12. Alestorm “Buckfast Powersmash” [Back Through Time]

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