[edit] radio podcast 110

Oxford based podcasting legend Tom Crook is back for another year here on [edit] radio, we should count ourselves lucky to have his sultry tones over another 40 minutes in the best in new and alternative music.

Band “Song” [Album]
  1. Flying Burrito Brothers “Lazy Days” [Burrito Deluxe]
  2. Howler “Back Of Your Neck” [America Give Up]
  3. Bleeding Knees Club “Nothing To Do” [Nothing To do]
  4. Grinderman “Heathen Child Andrew Weatherall Remix” [Wolf Masks]
  5. Beirut “Santa Fe” [The Rip Tide]
  6. Singing Adams “Move On” [Everybody Friends Now]
  7. The Loose Salute “This Is Love” [Getting Over Being Under]
  8. Bombay Bicycle Club “Leave It” [A Different Kind Of Fix]
  9. Mestre Suassana eMestre Acordeon “Topei Quero Ver Cair” [Musico Do Brasil]
  10. Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny “Sweet Tooth Bird” [single]
  11. The Shins “Simple Song” [single]