[edit] radio podcast 108 – 2011 In Review

Kevin Lawson kicks off the new year here on [edit] radio with an extra special podcast containing his super cynical review of 2011.

A list of the award categories below, but to find out the winners you’ll have to listen.

  • Least Mediocre Podcast Of The Year
  • Least Attractive, Most Record Sales Award
  • We’re Sorry You Died Award
  • Rudest Chorus Award
  • Holy Shit He Really Give all his Records Away? Award
  • Thank Fuck All New Music Isn’t Shit Award
  • There Are Three Reasons Why It Win’s the Award For Best Festival
  • The Frank Turner Is Better Live Than Every Bugger Else Award
  • They Keep Signing Our Favourite Bands, Record Label Of The Year
  • Least Shit Song Of The Year
  • Least Shit Album Of The Year