[edit] radio podcast 107

Before heading off on his recent tour of France Barry Dolan AKA Oxygen Thief recorded an french filled podcast for us here at [edit] radio. We think it’s a suitably surreal way to end the year. See you in 2012 everyone!

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. NoFx “Champs Elysées” [So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes]
  2. Marcel et son Orchestre “Politiquement X” [Sale Batard]
  3. Auf Der Maur “Taste You (French version)” [Auf Der Maur]
  4. Dionysus “Song For Jedi” [Western Sous la Neige]
  5. (platane) “Brandon & Jacky” [Akenes EP]
  6. Flow “2012” [Nous On N’Regrettera rien]
  7. Labo “Xtase” [Super 8]
  8. Heliport “Polar Elsewhere” [Desarroi Esthetique]
  9. Mark McCabe “I Used To Be Eloquent” [When I Grow Up]
  10. Placebo “Protege-Moi” [single]
  11. Noir Desir “La Grande Incendie” [Les Visages Des Figures]

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