[edit] radio podcast 93

This week Tom Crook presents the ninety third edition of the [edit] radio podcast, another 45 minutes of the best in new and alternative music, with a session provided by the Loose Salute.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Echo and The Bunnymen “Crocodiles” [Crocodiles]
  2. Spectrals “Big Baby” [Bad Penny]
  3. Various Cruelties “Chemicals” [Chemicals single]
  4. Arthur Russell “I Forgot And I Can’t Tell” [Love Is Overtaking Me]
  5. Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou “Big Water” [Quality First Last and Forever]
  6. The Loose Salute “Run Out Of Morning” [Edit Session]
  7. The Loose Salute “Hermosa” [Edit Session]
  8. Alpines “Cocoon” (Benny Page mix) [Cocoon 12″]
  9. The Beatles “Two Of Us” [Let It Be]
  10. PJ Harvey “Bitter Branches” [Let England Shake]
  11. My Bloody Valentine “Sooner” [Glider EP]