[edit] radio podcast 83

This week Ben Marwood attempts to break the [edit] radio record for most swearing in a podcast, with a little help from Shellac and The Dirty Nil.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Shellac “Prayer To God” [1000 Hurts]
  2. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks “Senator” [Mirror Traffic]
  3. Franz Nicolay “Cease-fire, Or, Mrs Norman Maine” [Major General]
  4. Tom Vek “Aroused” [Leisure Seizure]
  5. The Dirty Nil “Fuckin’ Up Young” [Fuckin’ Up Young]
  6. Mountain Goats “Estate Sale Sign” [All Eternals Deck]
  7. Foo Fighters “Walk” [Wasting Light]
  8. Bright Eyes “Ladder Song” [The People’s Key]
  9. Was (Not Was) “Walk The Dinosaur” [What Up, Dog?]
  10. Jerry Joseph and Wally Ingram “Paper Planes”