The Hope Will Shine Through You – by Kevin Lawson

Balam Acab – Oh Why?

Last October I wrote an article about Balam Acab’s (aka Alec Koone) introverted track ‘Regret Making Mistakes’. The stand out track from his See Bird’s EP, it’s a mesmerizing tale of self recrimination that showed that this young producer is a rising talent. One capable of distilling such emotionally wrought material to its sonic essence.

‘Oh Why’ is the lead single from his follow up record and full length debut entitled WANDER/WONDER. It’s another shining example of his ability to transfer the subtle nature of introverted thought into song. The track opens in a haze of fuzz and simple pianos as the softly sung words  “Oh Why?” repeat over and again for just long enough for the listener to add their own context to the question before the delicate verse takes over.

The track builds steadily as a burdened beat kicks in over muffled voices and the addition of layer on layer promises a cathartic release. But instead the track cuts back to hazy repetition of its opening. Leaving the listener still searching for their own answers to that same question, one I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves from time to time.

WANDER/WONDER will be available August 29 via Tri Angle Records.